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Membership, Service & Prices

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Membership, Service & Pricing

The following list will give you a good general idea what we provide for our members.

If you have specific requirements and would like us for example to assess your family needs and discuss all your options in person, please ask for a detailed quote.

As every Host Family has different requirements and it is just impossible to compare, our services are no where limited to what is stated below.

Our aim is to inform, assist, help, guide and support both families and Au Pairs. Our members will get good advice, links, tips, forms, templates and can be assured of accurate information. You have the option to display the Au Pair Assist seal on your profile photos and show potential Au Pairs that you will follow good and fair practice as an Au Pair host Family.

Because Au Pair Assist has both Au Pairs and Host Families as members, we hear both sides with their joys, wishes and also little grievances. This knowledge enables us to provide well balanced advice and suggestions plus our well known out of the box ideas for families and Au Pairs.

You will get valuable information, also from our family group and have a support network at hand. All advice, tips and links should always be read in accordance with your specific family situation in mind. Not every advice and information will match your family requirements, but most of them will. Although we have always an open ear for our members, fair use applies, means that not everything will be discussed on a personalized basis before not general information has been provided which might provide the answer anyway.


Our standard services include:


Description    Premium
Non-Members Our Service
Premium Membership
(6 months)
$250  -- Once you are actively searching we will be at your side for your questions and support you with forms, templates, information, tips and general insight to find the right fit for your family. Once you have found your Au Pair we will assist you in providing your Au Pair with all the necessary information she or he needs to enter Australia and make sure the Au Pair has adequate insurance including the important liability insurance which protects you from accidental damage by the Au Pair.
We will advice you about the Au Pair room, welcome gifts, pick-up arrangements etc. and give you access to sample handbooks, guides and other useful information and links.
You will remain a premium member for the first 6 months your Au Pairs stays with you and you can contact us any time with your personal queries or any issues you need help with.
Additionally you will be added to our Au Pair Assist Host Family Forum on Facebook.

(6 months)

free $26
6 months

Sign up to our affordable self-service through our Au Pair Assist Host Family Forum where you find a wealth of downloadable information and forms, plus you will get advice not only from Au Pair Assist but also from our Au Pair Assist Families network on Facebook.
You can also post your family profile to our Facebook page for more exposure to potential Au Pairs through the Au Pair Assist timeline.
As a DIY-Member you are subscribed to the Au Pair Assist Host Family Forum on a 6 monthly basis.
With this Membership no Membership discounts apply.

Please enter your Facebook ID
Success fee for connecting you with a suitable Au Pair free $150  When we know what you are looking for, we can cross tag you with suitable Au Pairs. Please let us know whether you like this service as we are asking for a success fee of $150, which will give both you and the Au Pair a one month one on one support via email, chat, Skype, messenger and phone.
The success fee is a honesty fee and we are convinced that families to see the value in our service.
Simply click here to pay via PayPal Me
Profile review free $50 We recommend to read through other host family profiles and get a feel for how families are presenting their offers. This way you do get a good feeling what information you like to provide and how to describe your family, your requirements, your offer and - very important but often forgotten - your location.
Although it is quite straight forward, families often find it hard to describe themselves and their offers. We are happy to review your profile and give you advice if we find information missing, unclear, the profile being too brief etc.
Reference request $20 $80 It is always a good idea to ask a potential Au Pair for childcare references, a character reference and medical assessment (includes vaccination). A police certificate should be provided too. We can arrange the reference request for you and will include instructions on how to provide a working with children check (EU only).
We will contact your potential Au Pair for you and submit all the required forms to the Au Pair, which we will check for completeness on return.
Reference follow up by phone  $25 $50 We will validate all references by either phone & Skype (German and English only), Email or other media  and through an internet address match. We will assist you with checking references from English speakers and other nationalities in English.
Price per reference.
Sample handbook    free $30 We will provide you with a handbook template pre-filled with all the sections you want to consider for your Au Pair to fill with your families own information.
Sample work schedule free $10 We will provide you with a sample work schedule based on your requirements in Excel, so you can adjust it with future changes. 
Au Pair online course $90 $110 If you feel that your Au Pair needs further training, you can book her through us into an Australian Au Pair Online Course.
English assessment/
online course
5% off full price Au Pairs from member families will receive a 5% discount on their English online course.
We can offer English assessment for potential Au Pairs for a fee, which will count towards an English course if booked.
Mediation Au Pair/Family 2 hrs

Due to our invaluable insight into cultural differences between Au Pairs and Host Families, we will help you with advice and mediation in the early stages if a problem arises to ensure that the Au Pair experience will be a good one for all. Although the offer is free to all our members, please note that we are best in English and German and to be successful the language ability in one of those should be either native but at least advanced for your Au Pair.
It is a distance service by phone, chat, Skype etc. Personal contact will be $80/h for members and $100/h for non-members with travel time paid.

Pre-Au Pair membership
(3 months)
 $150   If you would like personalized service and advice, help with your family handbook, assessment of your needs etc, before your first or next Au Pair arrives, we are happy to assist. We can provide you with a standard reply to applicants, questionnaires, checklists, application forms, contracts etc. and answer your questions along the way until you are confident to choose your Au Pair. You will also have access to our Forum.
This is for families who rather discuss everything in person as otherwise I suggest a subscription to our Au Pair Assist Host Family Forum on Facebook.
 Donation      PayPal Me If our free advice on Social Media has helped you or if you found your Au Pair in one of our well managed groups, you can make a donation for appreciation of our service.  A PayPal button is provided on the left of our pages or simply use this PayPal Me link. 






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